Archived Watershed Ways

Art related Watershed Ways Articles in this document include:

Celebrating the art of the Ottawa River watershed

Ottawa River Institute adds heritage works to on-line gallery

Let's get passionate about our love for the Ottawa Valley

Energy related Watershed Ways Articles in this document include:

Using manure to generate electricity

Find out what the Green Energy Act will do for Ontario

ORI Promotes "Renewable" in Renfrew County

A million ways to conserve energy? So why don't we?

Ottawa Valley School most energy-efficient in province

The Argument in Favour of Wood Heating

Small hydro Ancient technology for modern times

Heating and cooling with earth energy

MPP shows leadership on energy conservation

Shower outdoors and save money!

Solar heating for everyone

Super-insulate for super savings!

Solar innovation that produces heat, hot water and electricity

Why not wood?

A refreshing vision for Ontario’s electricity future

Let the sun heat your water

Warmth through window covers

Waste cooking oil powers cars, trucks and buses

How to be a wood burning wizard

Using energy from the sun to pump water

Putting a magical bright red “blower” door to good use in Pembroke

Water power pioneers in Killaloe

Leading the list of energy innovators in the Ottawa Valley

The bigger story behind Katrina

Ten easy ways to save electricity

Conservation and renewable energy - for the little guy

A better energy future for Ontario

Let’s generate some negawatts

Sawdust and pellet stoves

The wind energy revolution

Make friends with your electrical meter

Environment related Watershed Ways Articles in this document include:

Denying the future

A Burning Issue….

Planning to protect water

A critical moment in Earth’s history

Electronics recycling

Knowing where you’re going

Fiddling while the planet burns (energy Inefficient appliances)

State-of-the-art waste management in the Ottawa Valley Renfrew County gets its first idle-free zones at schools

November 26 is "Buy Nothing Day"

Who drew the map?

Strawberries and sunscreen

Rich country, poor performance

Payment for services

Support growing for idle-free schools

Rubber and tires

What ever happened to global warming?

Running out of oil

Ladies and gentlemen: Turn off your engines

Living without lawn chemicals

Thinking about water scarcity

The coming global food crisis

Losing Nemo

Living systems for sewage treatment - Part II

Living systems treat sewage better for less - Part I

A vision of the future

Well Aware program comes to Renfrew County

Venus, Earth, Mars

Roofing to help save the earth

World Water Day is March 22nd

Welcome to the Ottawa Riverkeeper

Making Waste Work for Community

Do your bit for Kyoto and save $200

Keeping cool without warming the earth

Environment-friendly lawn care, or making friends with a skunk

Why was the river so high this spring?

Using fewer pesticides

Lawn care according to God

Learning to love the green cart

Ottawa River Institute sets up shop in the valley

Climate change is here

Local Food and Gardening Watershed Ways Articles Included in the document are:

Economic advantages of local food

Getting into market gardening

Helping farmers transition to organic

Eating with the seasons

A bounty of local food

August 22 is World Kitchen Garden Day!

Starting a Kitchen Garden

The beauty and practicality of raised-bed gardens

Hardy Fruit Trees

Pruning Fruit Trees Farming with nature

OVFC Buying Guide Coming; Watch for It!

The dandelions are coming!

Growing healthy organic food at the Corner Garden

Food comes from our ancestors

Making it easy to buy the food your neighbour grows! Seedy Sunday Celebrates Diversity & Cooperation

Eating locally no hardship, even in March!

Feed the World

Seedy Sunday helps to revive heirloom vegetables

Calling All Locavores!

A world of compost

Our food choices affect the environment

Singing the praises of cabbage…

Charismatic local food advocate coming to the Ottawa Valley

In praise of slowness

Eating locally for a better future

Organic farming deepens its roots

Cultivating respect for the lowly dandelion

Nine things to like about dandelions

Nature and Biodiversity Watershed Ways Articles in this document include:

Real economic growth

The Turtle Awakens

Leaves at your service

Wars over Wetlands

What Smokey forgot

Return of the beaver

Cultural landscapes

Nature’s waste treatment specialists

Invasion of the aliens

The bio-based economy

The eighth wonder of the world

How much is nature worth?

The Forgotten Forest Product

The overflowing sea of nitrogen

White Pines Part 2

Citizen science

What's happening to the white pines?

The Wonder of Snow

Take the nature challenge

The miraculous Monarch

Physical Activity related Watershed Ways Articles in this document include:

A proud pedestrian

Rails and trails

Smart growth requires community vision

Smart growth includes "walkable" communities

Science related Watershed Ways Articles in this document include:

How well do you know this place?

Lords of the Rings

Forced to gamble

Save the genes

Global dimming

Run, Walk & Roll!

Celebrate the solstice

Transportation related Watershed Ways Articles in this document include:

Country travel

Me and my bumper sticker…

The Friendly Art of Driving

“Gently” Driving the speed limit

Please don’t idle your engine