Our Mission

Our mission is to foster sustainable communities and ecological integrity in the Ottawa River Watershed.

We are an incorporated, non-profit, charitable citizen-based organization representing all of Renfrew County, which is located in the upper Ottawa Valley of Eastern Ontario, Canada.

You will find an informative brochure about ORI under the 'Resources' tab.

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Working Definitions of "Sustainable Communities" and "Ecological Integrity"

Our working definition of "sustainable communities" is communities that live inharmony with their supporting ecosystems, using carefully only those resources that the ecosystem can replace, and producing only those wastes that the ecosystem is capable of recycling.

Our working definition of "ecological integrity" is the plain language version ofthe definition prepared by the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada's National Parks. It reads "An ecosystem has integrity when it has its native components (plants, animals, and other organisms) and processes (such as growth and reproduction) intact."